Vice Presidents

A message from the President

We are a very active club which relies heavily on its committee, individual members and other supporters. To honour some of our past players and supporters, the Club has invited a number of them to be Vice Presidents, and a special few Life Vice Presidents. In the early years of the Club, the President had an honorary position and was not expected to take an active role. However, since 1977, the invited Presidents have been former chairmen or long standing committee member who have continued to work hard for the club behind the scenes.

The current President is Andy Brooks (I’m Spartacus!)

Life Vice Presidents:

Roy Hough, Mike Lane, Bas Pendleton, Dave A Thomas, Tony Hawkes, (Bunter), Tony Winslade (the Don),
Alan Luxton, Derek Meades, Steve Rac and Antony Enright (Wallace).

Vice Presidents:

Simon Adams, Rob Ambridge, Alan Breden, Peter Bunce (Banger), Robert Calmonson (Paddy),
Dave Clover (Plumber), Phil Cooper, Dan Courtney, Richard Cowdrey, Adrian Creagh (Benny), Paul Cryle (Eric),
Huw Davies (Splash), Rob Davis (Fat Controller), Colum Ewing, Simon Fisher, Brian Gamlin (Moog),
Paul Gilheany, Steve Hayes, Andy Hepworth, Richard Hogg, Stuart Johnston, Chris Laucht, Simon Mead,
Bill Milne, Mike New, Mark Newing, Paul Norman, Myke Parrott, Bob Patten, Robin Poke, Nick Prescott,
Keith Quarmby, Brian Ralston (USA), Clive Raymond, Chris Reed, Keith Richards, Dave Roles, Ken Sass,
Paul Smith, Peter Spiers, David Squibb (Spike), Ryan Swerdlow, Mick Tayler, Kevin Tighe, Ian Tiller,
Jon Varney (Reg), Larry Vince, Dave Ward, Jim Waterman, Mark Watkins (Dr.), Mike Whiteside
and Karl Woodhouse.

Vice Presidents and Past Players Reunions

Throughout the season there are a number of designated reunion Saturdays. The format of the reunions is an optional lunch in a local pub or at the club followed by standing on the touch line at Wood lane watching the home team followed by a session in the club bar. It’s a great opportunity to renew acquaintances with former team mates and get to meet some of the newer players. On occasions the VP lunch is in more exotic venues abroad like the one in Sydney in 2001 just before the third Lions test when fourteen current and past players sat down for a marathon lunch on Darling harbour. Following the great success of the 50th Season reunion with over 150 current/past players attending and the 60th Season Dinner at Twickenham Stadium, we plan to have smaller scale annual reunions.  For more information and forthcoming reunion dates contact